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Practicing English with Koreans #englishlearning

Welcome to My Blog! ( #englishlearning

As a semi-retired certified English teacher, I still get goosebumps whenever I'm helping out a student online(not because I'm nervous but because I'm excited). Nothing energizes and pumps me up more than an "oh yes teacher, I understand!" I taught conversational, business, and medical English in South Korea for 6 years and I got pretty familiar with the Korean way of life, culture, traditions, and of course FOOD(한국 음식). Due to Family matters, I had to come back to Texas but half of my heart is still in Korea and with the Korean people. This is why I created this blog and website to help English language learners from all over the world and of course S. Korea to improve their grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and most of all fluency.

I have taught Business English to bank executives, stock traders, doctors, engineers, and retailers. I've taught conversational English to people in show business, flight attendants, pro gamers, housewives, monks, you name it! The purpose is to practice and improve your English and at the same time share my wonderful Korean experience with you, my students! I still remember the time I ate (보신탕) dog stew or when I sang at a (노래방) karaoke or my awesome Train to Busan experience. I want to help you and at the same time keep those memories alive.

The never-ending 반찬(Korean side dishes) refills. One of the things I miss.

I'm not here to become rich. I don't want to upload English lessons so that students can buy and download them. I would rather have fewer students and dedicate quality time to them even if I don't make that much money. I want you to practice your English just the way you deserve it. That is through live one-on-one real-life conversations with error corrections and feedback. Talking is the best way to improve and the best way for me to help you. Trust me, I know the most common English mistakes from both Spanish and Korean-speaking students. Give yourself a chance to reach your fullest potential. For more info go to

For company employees, special discounts send me a kakao message to Kakaotalk I.D. chichi1975


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